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0.10.a. Fog machines | Showcontroller Manual

The most common case of using DMX control from the Showcontroll LIVE interface is the control of one or more fog/haze machines.

These can either be controlled through the Hardware-Interface #1 DMX output or Artnet.
It is necessary to address the machines first. 

Switch to the tab "Fog":


The addressing is rather universal. Only channels with value >1 are used.

Ch. Pump      address of the pump
Ch. Fan         address of the fan
Ch. Enable    heating on/off
Value Fan      value for the fan that is triggered when "Fog On"
Value Pump   value for the fan that is triggered when "Fog On"

Example for unit Nr. 1:

If "Enable Fog Machines" is active in the APC Overlay tab
10a 1

then channel 1 (enable) is set to 255 and heating is on. Also channel 2 (fan) reacts to the value set for "Value Fan".
So heating and fan are on.
A click on "Fog no" or "Fog on/off" sets channel 3 (pump) to the value 64 (Value Pump)

These DMX values are sent via Artnet (if enabled in the tab "Settings") and via DMX on Hardware-Interface #1.