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3.5.9 Parts | Showcontroller Manual

It is possible to mark elements in a frame as "Parts" in PicEdit.

Mark Elements in a frame and select in menu "Edit"->"Point Attribute". A popup window comes up where several parameters can be adjusted, including the "Part" settings:

parts 01

The purpose of this function is to assign certain effects only to specific parts of the figure. The Pic is added to the Timeline as a normal Trickfilm. If an effect is placed under this Trickfilm, this effect usually applies to the whole frame.Right click on the effect -> "Edit properties of this event" - a dialog opens:

parts 02

In this dialog it is possible to specify the part the effect shall be applied to (in this case part 2).
The Parts feature works with these Effects:

parts 03

Setting a "Move X" on Part 2 would only move the upper right circle.