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4.1 PicEdit basics | Showcontroller Manual

PicEdit is a 3D editor for creating laser frames and -animations.
Drawing laser frames is slightly different to drawing in normal CAD software, as the display options and necessary parameters for a clean display with a laser system are more versatile and specific than with CAD prints or views. 

A laser frame is created of single points, which contain this information:

- coordinatex x/y/z- point color as RGB value (not as index number for PAL)
- information on blanking status
- number of point repetitions of that point
- "Part" index number for special effects

The single PICs can be connected in a CAT file (frame collection) or as single pictures.

Import and export as ILDA frames is possible as well (depending on permissions)

There are severaln tools available for creating laser frames. Many of them provide additional configuration options on doubleclick on the very icon. It's e.g. possible to set the point number of a circle to 3 to create triangles.
Some of the tools provide different behavior when used with left or right mouseclick. The circle tool e.g. either draws a circle or an ellipse. The square too either draws a square or a rectangle.
There are also multiple options for coloring the points and creating color gradients.