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Showcontroller RealTime

Showcontroller RealTime can be used for creating timline-based laser shows. Laser frames and animations can be placed on a timeline and synchronized to music. A multitude of customizable effects can be added to those frames then. It is possible to create many tracks in parallel.

Showcontroller RealTime has it's name from the fact that it allows for real time programming: Every action can be displayed live, either in the preview window or direct laser output.

More than 250 free laser shows included!


Showcontroller Realtime


Showcontroller RealTime comes with all the features that are required for professional laser show programming.

The main window shows the timeline, where all programming elements can be assigned to a general time-base, e.g. an audio file or just a simple lapse of time.
The preview window allows for watching a preview of the programmed elements in real time, but also the laser output happens in real time.

Due to the versatile Dongle-Licensing it is possible to program in Showcontroller RealTime without having to have an interface connected. This eases pre-production processes and allows for laser show programming even on a plane.

The Showcontroller RealTime laser show timeline has been designed to be very intuitive - even beginners can quickly and easily create their own, first laser shows. Drag-and-drop programming is one of the key features of the Showcontroller timeline, but also the versatile use of effects that can be applied to laser frames and animations make Showcontroller the right choice for any kind of laser show design.

Other program parts, like Showcontroller PicEdit or Showcontroller Tracer (both included in the Software Suite), extend the core features of RealTime with creativity tools and mighty features for creating, importing and transforming of own content and make it useable as laser show elements.


The Events Dialog: Add Trickfilms (Frames, Animations, Logos, etc.) or any of the mutiple effects available. Most of the effects can be attributed with different parameters very much in detail:

Showcontroller RealTime Effects and Events


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