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0.13. Chaser | Showcontroller Manual

Chasers are a great option to add further diversification to laser shows with several output hardware interfaces. Chase means, that the output on the hardware interfaces is switched on and off according to the settings, so it's not always all lasers on but they take turns, depending on the chaser configuration.

It is important to have scanner groups defined (see previous chapter) in order to use the chaser feature, as the chaser effect rely on these scanner groups.

Create chaser effect via "Edit"->"Edit Chaser". This dialog opens:


The chaser presets are shown to the left. click a position in the list for editing. The chaser can be renamed at the bottom, confirm renaming with "Rename".
To the right the targets for the chaser are shown. The list can be cleared with "Clear".
When running, the chaser effects targets the scanner groups in the order they are listed here, one after another. 
The buttons left of the targets list show the scanner groups that have already been specified.
Click on the group to add it to the chaser Targets list.

Click "Close" to close the dialog.

Call the chaser in the main window, tab "Output":

13eng 1

In the upper part there are the scanner groups, the lower part shows the programmed chaser effects.

The chaser speed can be adjusted here:

13eng 2

The selected chaser is defined as "free", so not linked to the scene. It also does not get saved with the scene.
To use permanent chaser effects that are linked to a certain scene, it is required to program this effect to the timeline of the very scene.