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Showcontroller Live

Showcontroller LIVE is the software part of the Showcontroller Suite that is especially designed for live laser show control. No matter if it's used to accompany a DJ set with lasers, to play lasers at a festival or to support a musical or artistic performance - Showcontroller LIVE is the tool for every laser show application that cannot be pre-produced or pre-programmed or has no common time base.

Showcontroller LIVE is an extremely mighty tool: 40 scenes can be preset per bank and 10 banks can be used for this. Also, Showcontroller LIVE already comes with a large selection of already preset scenes, so it's very easy to get going with a laser show:


1. Connect the hardware interface and the laser system

2. Open Showcontroller LIVE

3. Click START and select a scene

That's it! 

As Showcontroller LIVE was designed to be very intuitive, it is very easy for beginner to create the first live laser shows and for professionals to get the maximum out of their performances and laser systems: A multitude of professional tools and control features make it possible to use MIDI controllers for input (it is also possible to use 2 different MIDI controllers at the same time) and to use DMX IN / OUT features - for remotely controlling fog or haze machines, but also for remotely controlling the Showcontroller laser software.
The support of Artnet control makes Showcontroller LIVE perfectly suitable for professional remote triggering via professional lighting consoles like GrandMA, Avolites, etc.


Showcontroller LIVE 0001


If it comes to specific control of different output scanners during the live laser performance, Showcontroller is equipped with a powerful output routing mapping feature, which allows for assigning specific scenes to certain output scanners. This routing can also be flexibly assigned to use different chaser effects in multi-scanner-setups.


The Control Center provides different options for creating laser safety zones or beam attenuations, even with fade-out effect. Detailed features for color correction or geometrical adaptions complete the setup features for the general environment.

Showcontroller LIVE 0002

 Showcontroller LIVE 0003


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