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30 Facts on Showcontroller

30 facts on Showcontroller features and benefits. More detailed insights into all Showcontroller functions can be found in the menu under the points "Manual" and "Tutorials". For any further questions, the forum is always available, in which competent help is offered by our administrators and other users.

You are not forced to do any updates - you decide, when it is time to do so!

You do not have to register for downloading the Showcontroller software

Showcontroller supports many different interfaces (DACs) in the PLUS version

You can directly import vector graphics and even vector animations so Showcontroller

You can get a license plus LAN hardware for less than 475,- € excl. VAT

Showcontroller is great for mobile DJs as well as for professional production companies

You can take a JPG logo and make it a laser frame with a few clicks

You can display scroll texts, morphing texts or static texts

Showcontroller supports professional 6 color channel laser systems

You can create laser animations for SD-card playback in Showcontroller

Showcontroller LIVE can handle 2 MIDI control devices at the same time

You can lock the faders in Showcontroller live via a hidden menu: press shift!

You can easily connect Showcontroller to REALIZZER 3D visualization software

You only need one license and use multiple, affordable ShowNET interfaces

You can use the ShowNET interfaces for DMX in/out handling for Showcontroller

There is an extended preview window in Showcontroller LIVE PLUS

You can record your show from the Showcontroller preview window to video

Adobe Illustrator vector files can be imported via SVG Tool

Laser safety zones can be specified with a fade-effect

Multiple effects can be assigned to each content track in the timeline

Simply add fade-in and fade-out effects via drag-and-drop

The Showcontroller website can be searched for terms and results from the user manuals will show

Showcontroller QuickStart guides are available in many languages (EN, FR, ES, CN)

There is a support forum for your questions on the Showcontroller website

You can suggest new features for Showcontroller in the Showcontroller support forum

The preview and output in the Showcontroller timeline shows changes in real time

You can rename hardware interfaces and Showcontroller remembers them

Showcontroller is compatible to the ILDA file standard for import and export

You can use ArtNet with Showcontroller

Showcontroller also runs on more basic computers